September 06, 2007


Met this man at a Starbucks coffee shop near my house. Seems intelligent and educated, and claims to live nearby. Said he was a filmmaker, screenwriter, inventor, music engineer, I know girls I'm stupid for listening to this stuff. Gave him my work phone number at a local insurance company and he called the next morning. Second mistake.

I agreed to meet him at a local chinese restaurant where it became clear he has a screw loose. Restaurant owner didn't want him eating there and said he was a "problem". He promised to behave, and was fine for most of the dinner. He then played the old "forgot my wallet" gag which caused me to pay for dinner. While waiting for the check he left for the bathroom, and the restaurant owner showed me a flyer with his picture and his history as an internet stalker and danger to the community. Found out many things later - he's a Failed college student who has never been employed in his life. Lives with his elderly father and exists only on handouts from his dad.

Found out later there is lots of information about this very sick man on the internet and I'm happy to share my experiences with this very bad man.

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Arny Krueger said...

I too have been stalked and harassed by Robert Morein like some of the other posters here. He telephoned my church pastor several times accusing me of being a pedophile and pervert. As I have a long history of service to the churches in Michigan this of course was dismissed out of hand. However Robert Morein is clearly a danger to the community, and all should definitely steer clear of this wackjob, Bob Morein.